The Nano-Grip® solution is full of features and benefits. Here are some of those benefits you will experience:  


Increased Slip Resistance

  • Increased safety for employees, customers, and the public.
  • Peace of mind knowing that floors are safer to walk on when wet.

It's Not A Coating

  • Nano-Grip® won't rub off or peel.
  • There is no discernable change to surface appearance.
  • The floor can be walked on immediately after the treatment is done.

Surface Change Is Microscopic

  • Floors can be used just like they were before the treatment.

Treatment Can Be Done In Sections

  • Your floors can usually be treated in different sections without interrupting business.

Safer Floors To Walk On

  • Nano-Grip® instills pedestrian confidence and improves productivity in work areas exposed to water splashes, spills, or even rain. 

2 Year Warranty

  • Your floors are guaranteed to be slip resistant for 2 years, protecting your investment in slip safety.

Addresses OSHA and ADA Risks

  • Reduces likelihood of injuries and medical costs.
  • Reduces potential for workers compensation claims.
  • Increases protection from lawsuits and litigation.